Cato Corner Cheese

At Cato Corner Farm we make raw farmstead cheese by hand from the delicious milk of our 45 Jersey cows. The cows are humanely raised on a pasture-based diet without growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics. We feed a small amount of grain to complement the nutrition in the grass and hay. Our cheeses are our own unique recipes, based on traditional cheese making styles and highlighting the flavor and terroir of our pastures and our farm. Cato Corner Farm is owned and managed by the mother-son team of Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gillman.


Cato Corner Farm

Inspired by the classic Spanish sheep milk cheese Manchego, our cows' milk Womanchego is aged 3 to 5 months,...


Cato Corner Farm

Hooligan is our signature "stinky" cheese that many food lovers consider to be our most exciting variety....


Cato Corner Farm

A hugely successful mistake! We created this recipe out of necessity when a different batch did not go as planned,...


Cato Corner Farm

A perennial favorite, Dairyere is a firm washed rind cheese in the style of Alpine varieties like Gruyere or Comte....

Dutch Farmstead

Cato Corner Farm

Dutch Farmstead features a milky flavor, light acidity, and a richness that highlights the buttery quality of our...


Cato Corner Farm

(Vee vah' chay) Like a combination of Emmental and Italian Provolone, our Vivace has a supple texture with a...

Bridgid's Abbey

Cato Corner Farm

Our Trappist-style monastery cheese with a creamy texture and slightly acidic aftertaste. Bridgid's Abbey is one...

Black Ledge Blue

Cato Corner Farm

A natural rind blue with a gorgeous yellow color speckled with blue. Moderately creamy and medium strong with a rich,...

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