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Cato Corner Cheese

At Cato Corner Farm we make raw farmstead cheese by hand from the delicious milk of our 45 Jersey cows. The cows are humanely raised on a pasture-based diet without growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics. We feed a small amount of grain to complement the nutrition in the grass and hay. Our cheeses are our own unique recipes, based on traditional cheese making styles and highlighting the flavor and terroir of our pastures and our farm. Cato Corner Farm is owned and managed by the mother-son team of Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gillman.

Hooligan (Cato Corner Farm)

Hooligan is our signature "stinky" cheese that many food lovers consider to be our most exciting variety. Hooligan was awarded the top prize in the Outstanding Dairy category from Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Awards (April 2006), and it was selected by both Saveur magazine and Slow Food USA as one of the top American cheeses. Made in 1.3-1.5 lb wheels and aged for 60-75 days, Hooligan is a ripe washed-rind cheese with a soft creamy paste, slightly firmer center, and a gorgeous orange rind - with a flavor reminiscent of French Muenster. Hooligans are bathed twice a week in brine to encourage the growth of pungent, surface-ripening bacteria and yeasts. The Hooligan melts beautifully for a fabulously stinky toasted cheese. Pairs well with cranberry walnut bread, Belgian style ales, Zinfandel, sweet white wines, hot pepper jelly, honey, and caramelized pecans.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $30.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Womanchego (Cato Corner Farm)

Inspired by the classic Spanish sheep milk cheese Manchego, our cows' milk Womanchego is aged 3 to 5 months, making it more similar to a young Manchego than the aged version most commonly found in cheese shops. The flavor is medium mild and a touch sweet with hints of fruit and nut. Moister than its Spanish cousin, our Womanchego is a versatile partner that is delicious on sandwiches or melted - it's our favorite cheese for tortillas! Womanchego pairs with medium red or white wines and honey-brewed ales and is delicious on a water cracker with a cranberry chutney.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $30.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Black Ledge Blue (Cato Corner Farm)

A natural rind blue with a gorgeous yellow color speckled with blue. Moderately creamy and medium strong with a rich, slightly earthy finish. Distinctive but accessible, our Black Ledge Blue works well on salads or sandwiches, and it melts nicely on burgers or steak. We use only gluten-free blue mold and age the Black Ledge Blue for 2 - 5 months. Pairs well with honey, pears, glazed walnuts or pecans, dark bread, sweet dessert wines, and porter or stout.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $30.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Dutch Farmstead (Cato Corner Farm)

Dutch Farmstead features a milky flavor, light acidity, and a richness that highlights the buttery quality of our Jersey milk. It is a delightfully versatile cheese! Its young age allows it to pair well with sauvignon blanc or tart raspberry jam, while its rich texture stands up to inky cabernets and floral saisons.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $30.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Bloomsday (Cato Corner Farm)

A hugely successful mistake! We created this recipe out of necessity when a different batch did not go as planned, and we love the result. Named for Joyce's Ulysses, the Bloomsday is firmer than many of our cheeses with a cheddary acidity balanced with a touch of sweetness. Bloomsday is a perfect addition to any cheese plate and it makes a delicious sandwich or grilled cheese. An excellent substitute for medium cheddar or Spanish Manchego, Bloomsday is one of our most popular cheeses! Pairs well with fig jam, sour dough bread, medium bodied red wines, and amber lager. Aged 6-7 months.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $30.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Dairyere (Cato Corner Farm)

A perennial favorite, Dairyere is a firm washed rind cheese in the style of Alpine varieties like Gruyere or Comte. We age our 25 pound wheels for 7-8 months to produce a well balanced cheese with a medium sharp bite and a delicious nutty after taste. Dairyere is fabulous snacking cheese to enjoy with a crusty sourdough bread, Italian soppressata, and a glass of Merlot or a malty ale - or you can melt it for fondue or grilled cheese. Made with vegetarian marzyme rennet.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $36.00/pound = $18.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Vivace (Cato Corner Farm)

(Vee vah' chay) Like a combination of Emmental and Italian Provolone, our Vivace has a supple texture with a medium bite and aromatic finish. Vivace is a perfect snacking cheese that is addictively easy to eat! We recommend enjoying Vivace and rye bread with Italian lunch meats and a glass of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or pilsner. The cheese also melts beautifully in cooking - try this in French onion soup or fondue! Aged 4 to 6 months. Join us around the holidays for limited releases of Molto Vivace, 12-14 months old with a dry texture and super sharp bite.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $34.00/pound = $17.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Bridgid's Abbey (Cato Corner Farm)

Our Trappist-style monastery cheese with a creamy texture and slightly acidic aftertaste. Bridgid's Abbey is one of our oldest recipes, going back to a workshop Liz took with a Belgian cheese master in 1997. Its creaminess is balanced with a milky lactic acidity for irresistible eating for breakfast, sandwiches, or snacking. We now make Bridgid's Abbey only during the winter months to highlight the richer winter milk, higher in delicious butter fat and protein. Aged 2 - 4 months.
0.5 pound | Approx 0.5 pound @ $36.00/pound = $18.00 + $0.00 Assembly