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Farm Friends

About Kate Emery - I’m Bobbie’s sister and I have been oil painting for over 20 years. And while my initial passion centered on the figure, my subject range has grown to include portraiture, abstract, and most recently landscapes. My work can be seen at WWW.KateEmery.Com About Farm Friends It’s hard to live near Clatter Ridge Farm and not find inspiration. Farm Friends is a growing collection of paintings inspired by these farm animals and landscapes. They celebrate and support regenerative local farming with a third of the sale price going to Clatter Ridge Farm and another third going to reSET (see below). About Art Collaborations I am happy to offer my art for sale or auction to those organizations dedicated to improving the world around us. 50% of the sale price can be divided between your organization and reSET (, a nonprofit I founded to support and advance social enterprise (a business model that puts people and purpose before profits).

Spring Sunrise (

18x14” Oil Painting Kate Emery
1 Painting = $600.00 + $0.00 Assembly
King Of The Castle (

14x18” Oil - I’m not sure the challenge is who’s top of the heap, or how many lambs can fit on one rock, but whatever, it sure seems fun.
1 Painting = $650.00 + $0.00 Assembly