Poultry and Eggs

Locally raised poultry and eggs. There really is a difference!

Free Range Eggs

Clatter Ridge Farm

Our layers are free range. In addition to the grain we provide, they eat bugs, worms and anything else they can find...

Organic Eggs

Sub Edge Farm

Organic eggs from Sub Edge Farm

Butterflied Chicken - frozen

Clatter Ridge Farm

A whole chicken with the backbone removed. Perfect for cooking on the grill, or in the oven. Cooks in half the time,...

Chicken Breast - frozen

Clatter Ridge Farm

From Baffonis Poultry Farm in Johnston Rhode Island. Sold frozen.

Chicken Thighs-frozen- boneless

Clatter Ridge Farm

Boneless Chicken thighs from Baffonis Poultry Farm. Frozen in roughly 3 pound bags.

Whole Chicken - frozen

Clatter Ridge Farm

Whole chickens from Baffonis Poultry Farm. -frozen

Chicken Wings - frozen

Clatter Ridge Farm

Split and tipped chicken wings from Baffonis Poultry Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Chicken Thighs - Frozen - bone in

Clatter Ridge Farm

Bone in chicken thighs from Baffonis Poultry Farm. Frozen in approximately 3 pound bags.

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