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Fiber Products

Products made out of the wool from our sheep, and other non edible things

Shetland Yarn

2 ounce skeins, 150 yards. black, silver, dark grey, white


Crew socks made with our Shetland wool (and with 10% nylon, to add to the elasticity). Very soft, warm and durable.

Fair Isle Knit Hat

A Fair Isle hat made from our Shetland wool, each hat comes with the names of the sheep from whom the wool was shorn.

Almost Bernie Mittens

Bernie's famous mittens are made out of recycled sweaters that were felted, cut and sewn. So in that regard...

Fingerless Gloves

Made from our Shetland sheep wool- ultra soft and warm. Not only are these gloves very stylish looking - you can...


Gloves made from our Shetland wool- soft, warm and stylish (just like our sheep)


Mittens made with our Shetland wool. Very warm, soft and stylish

Sheepskin Hat

Custom made for us with our own sheepskin pelts, extremely soft and luxurious.

Classic Sheepskin Hat

Custom made for us out of our own sheepskin pelts, these hats are classic and stylish as well as soft, luxurious,...

Shetland Wool Scarves

Handwoven scarf made with our uber soft Shetland lamb's wool. Lovingly produced through a thoughtful...

Connecticut Blankets

Connecticut Blanket Project - Long Throw (72" x 48") The Connecticut Blanket was manufactured originally by...

Hand Knit Hat

Hand knit hats made with our Shetland wool. Very soft, stylish and warm

Lamb's Wool Baby Hats

Custom made and locally knit hats, made with our softest lamb's wool. Our Grandson Akiva is pretty adorable -...

Tee Shirts

Show your local flavor with your own Clatter Ridge Farm tee shirt!

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