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Why Buy Local? 


- Because, simply put, if you don't support your local farms- who will? New England produce is rarely shipped cross country or marketed outside of this area. The only option for most New England farmers is to sell their produce locally. If you love driving by, or living next to, a local family farm - support them. Spend some of your food dollars on farms you hope stay in business for another generation, or two. There is also the benefit of local freshness. The closer your vegetables are to your dinner table, the fresher they are likely to be. I have to believe that the fresher your vegetables- the tastier and more nutritious they will be. To me that's just an added bonus- the real reason I buy local is because I want to support the farms that feed my soul. I cherish the farms we still have left, and I try to put my money where my heart is. 

P.S - I wrote the above paragraph before the covid pandemic was even on the horizon. Now I'd like to add the obvious, if we don't support our local farms when times are good, they won't be around to feed us when we really need them.


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