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Forest Raised Pork

Our pigs live outside year round. They have access to shade and shelter if they seek it. They are rotationally grazed...

Fresh Fish and Seafood

New England caught fresh fish and seafood, brought to you by the City Fish Market in Wethersfield. All of the fish...


Locally made tortillas

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed and grass finished beef raised by Kindred Crossings Farm in Franklin CT. All cuts of beef are frozen.

Grassfed Bison

Bison is an extra lean meat, with what many describe as a "clean" flavor. I prefer to call it extra lean, and extra...

Grassfed Lamb

Our sheep are pasture raised, and grass fed with no growth hormones & no antibiotics. They are rotationally grazed...

Poultry and Eggs

Locally raised poultry and eggs. There really is a difference!

Dairy Products

Dairy products from Sweet Pea Cheese, Cato Corner, High Lawn Farm, and other local dairies


The flavor of log grown mushrooms are as different to the ones grown in plastic bags, as field grown heirloom...


Farm Fresh Vegetables all sourced from local farms.


Locally grown cooking herbs.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup made from the sugar maple trees that my Grandparents planted on our property,over 100 years ago. Sweet!...


Locally grown fruit and cider

Tail to Snout

We try very hard to make good use of every part of every animal, so here are some of the odd bits.

Non-Edible Stuff

Products made out of the wool from our sheep, and other non edible things

Farm to Work

Subscription for a weekly delivery of locally sourced produce.For more information about the "Farm to Work" program,...

Clatter Ridge Gallery

Featuring paintings by local artist Kate Emery from a growing collection of paintings inspired by the farm and other...

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Cato Corner Cheese

At Cato Corner Farm we make raw farmstead cheese by hand from the delicious milk of our 45 Jersey cows. The cows are...

Baffoni's Poultry Farm

Located in Johnston Rhode Island, Baffoni's is a 4th generation small poultry farm.

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