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Fresh Fish and Seafood

New England caught fresh fish and seafood, brought to you by the City Fish Market in Wethersfield. All of the fish and seafood products that we carry are fresh ,not frozen, unless otherwise noted.

Scallops - smaller size

Fresh New Bedford scallops brought to you by City Fish Market in Wethersfield. Smaller sized

Scallops - larger size

Large sized fresh New Bedford scallops brought to you by City Fish Market in Wethersfield


Caught off the Eastern Seaboard.


New England caught Halibut from City Fish Market in Hartford. The word Halibut comes from the Middle English words...


Haddock from New England, brought to you by the City Fish Market of Wethersfield

Belly Clams

New England Belly Clams from City Fish


New England caught Greysole. A species of flounder with a mild and delicate flavor, and firm flesh. Brought in by...

Striped Sea Bass

Caught off the Massachusetts coast. The Striped Sea Bass is a mild flavored, lean, saltwater fish which is great for...

Lobster Meat

Hand picked lobster meat from the tails, knuckles, and claws of Maine lobsters. From the City Fish Market of...


Flounder is a lean flaky fish with a firm texture and a "sweet and delicate" flavor. New England caught...


A great source of protein, and healthy fatty acids. Can be used in most any recipe calling for "white" fish....

Monk Fish

New England caught Monkfish. Listed as one of the 13 ugliest animals on the planet, the Monkfish has also been called...

Fish Frames

The skeleton, head and tail of the fish- excellent for making stock. The frames usually come from salmon, but white...

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