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Tail to Snout

"If you are going to kill the animal, it seems only polite to use the whole thing" says Fergus Henderson in his book "Nose to tail eating :The Whole Beast". So here are some of the odd bits.

Pork bones

Pork bones are great for making stock.

Fish Frames

The skeleton, head and tail of the fish- excellent for making stock. The frames usually come from salmon, but white...

Soup Bones -lamb

Perfect for making stock, and adding flavor.

Pork Trotters

The feet of the pig. Excellent for soup and stew stock. Split and cut into 2" cubes.

Pork tail

Fried pig tails is a Southern delicacy, and a right of passage for anyone serious about eating (literally) "tail...

Pork Head

For the serious "tail to snout" chef, or for those of us who remember the movie "The Godfather", and...

Pork Back Fat

For Connecticut customers only. Back fat is the hard fat that is under the skin of a pig, as opposed to the soft fat...

Pork Jowls

Pork jowl is similar to pork belly and can be used to make bacon.

Leaf Lard - not rendered

The highest grade of lard. Leaf Lard has very little pork flavor, making it ideal for baking.

Smoked Hocks

Clatter Ridge Farm Hocks, smoked by Noack's smoke house in Meriden, using their Nitrate/Nitrite free smoking...

Beef Liver - grassfed

Grassfed and Grass finished Beef Liver. Raised by Kindred Crossing in North Franklin, CT

Beef Soup Bones

Grassfed Beef soup bones for making bone broth and stock

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