Clatter Ridge Farm LLC

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Here is how (in theory) our schedule works.....

We get all of our orders from all of you,  by Tuesday,  and then we pass those orders on to our network of farmer friends. That gives them 24 hours to put your order together.

Wednesday we drive around to other farms picking up the orders, and then on Thursday we deliver to everyone - except for those of you who want to pick up at the farm. (Thursday between 4pm - 5pm)

Pick up at the farm is at the end of our delivery day - and hopefully at the end of yours as well. - But if there is a time that works better for you, please let us know - we might be able to meet you here, there or somewhere on our route. 

And if you are only purchasing items that we produce ourselves -  

- then we aren't confined to other farmer's schedules and can meet you pretty much any day and any time that we aren't in the middle of our farming chores ( or emergencies, depending on the day). That said, we rent out our farm house on Airbnb, and therefore, can't have people just stopping by. Give us a call, text, or email and we'll accomodate you as best we can.