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Clatter Ridge Farm

Organic Cilantro

Fresh Cilantro grown by Old Friends Farm in Amherst Mass

12 ounce Maple Syrup -2021

12 ounce glass bottle of maple syrup -

Almost Bernie Mittens

Bernie's famous mittens are made out of recycled sweaters that were felted, cut and sewn. So in that regard...

Arethusa Butter

Cultured sea salt butter by Arethusa Farm in Litchfield.

Arethusa Ice Cream

Locally made, farm fresh - it's practically good for you.

Arethusa's Camembert

CAMEMBERT Whether served with crusty bread alongside your favorite midwinter soup or tucked in the picnic basket...

Arugula - organic

Grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass


Grown by Warner Farm in Sunderland Mass. -Warner Farm is a 10th generation small family farm.

Baby Bok Choy

Organic Bok Choy grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass

Basil - organic

Basil grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Beef Kielbasa - nitrate free

Traditional Polish Kielbasa made with grassfed beef from Kindred Crossings Farm in Franklin CT. Sold frozen.

Beef Liver - grassfed

Grassfed and Grass finished Beef Liver. Raised by Kindred Crossing in North Franklin, CT

Beef Soup Bones

Grassfed Beef soup bones for making bone broth and stock

Beef Stew Meat - grass fed beef

Grass fed and grass finished beef stew/kabob meat raised by Kindred Crossings Farm in Franklin CT. All beef products...

Beef Tenderloin- grass fed

Grassfed, and grass finished, beef tenderloin from Kindred Crossings Farm in Franklin CT. All cuts of beef are frozen.

Bison Burgers

Bison patties made by Creamery Brook Bison Farm in Brooklyn CT. Grass fed and Grass finished

Blade Steak

Pork Blade Steak. Like the chuck steak or the flat iron steak, it has great flavor, but don't overcook it. Sear...

Boston Butt Roast

Bone in Boston Butt- great for Pulled Pork, braising, or slow cooking. Despite it's name the Butt Roast comes...

Bratwurst Sausage

Bratwurst sausage links- fresh, not smoked or cooked

Butterflied Chicken - frozen

A whole chicken with the backbone removed. Perfect for cooking on the grill, or in the oven. Cooks in half the time,...

Chicken Breast - frozen

From Baffonis Poultry Farm in Johnston Rhode Island. Sold frozen.

Chicken Drumsticks - frozen

Bone in drumstick from Baffoni's Poultry Farm - frozen

Chicken Legs - frozen

Full chicken legs from Baffoni's Poultry Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island. frozen

Chicken Wings - frozen

Split and tipped chicken wings from Baffonis Poultry Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Chili Salsa

Roasted Chili Salsa is handcrafted from organic tomatoes, onions and chilies grown on our family farm in Sunderland,...

Chives - organic

Organic Chives grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland

Chocolate Milk

Combining two of the major food groups into one - this practically healthy -chocolate milk is made by the Hayes...

Classic Sheepskin Hat

Custom made for us out of our own sheepskin pelts, these hats are classic and stylish as well as soft, luxurious,...


New England caught Cod. A great source of protein, and healthy fatty acids.Can be used in most any recipe calling for...

Connecticut Blankets

Connecticut Blanket Project - Long Throw (72" x 48") The Connecticut Blanket was manufactured originally by...

Country Style Ribs

Country style ribs are perfect for the barbecue. Also known as Country Spare Ribs.

Crema Alpina

The high cream content of 100% Jersey cow milk contributes amazing mouth-filling texture to this Down East Cider...

Double Smoked Ham

Smoked with Hickory and covered with a brown sugar glaze. Bone in.By Russell's Creative Cuisine using Clatter...

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Grown on hardwood logs in our woods. The smaller mushrooms are dried whole, and the larger mushrooms are sliced. Easy...

Eye of Round Roast

Grassfed, grass finished. Raised by Kindred Crossings in North Franklin CT

Fair Isle Knit Hat

A Fair Isle hat made from our Shetland wool, each hat comes with the names of the sheep from whom the wool was shorn.


Never eat raw fiddleheads! Be sure to read about safe cooking practices...The still coiled tips of new fern fronds -...

Fingerless Gloves

Made from our Shetland sheep wool- ultra soft and warm. Not only are these gloves very stylish looking - you can...

Free Range Eggs

Our layers are free range. In addition to the grain we provide, they eat bugs, worms and anything else they can find...

Fresh Chorizo

Fresh pork chorizo links-not smoked, cooked or cured

Fresh Ham Steaks

Not smoked or cured. Great broiled, or in a slow cooker.

Garlic Chives

Organically grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass

Ghost Chili Barbecue Sauce

Just like it sounds! This spicy barbecue sauce will rock any meat on the grill. Made by Russell Pryzbeck, of...

Gift Certificate

A great gift for any occasion. Holidays, Birthdays, Housewarming, a New Baby, or Get Well Soon. We will email you a...

Glass Pint of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup in a glass jar

Glass Quart of Maple Syrup

A quart of Maple Syrup in a glass container.


Gloves made from our Shetland wool- soft, warm and stylish (just like our sheep)

Grass fed lamb organ meat - liver

100% grass fed lamb organ meat.

Ground Beef - grassfed

Grass fed, and grass finished, ground beef raised by Kindred Crossings Farm in Franklin. Sold frozen in 1 pound bulk...

Ground Bison

Ground Bison raised by Creamery Brook Bison in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Great for burgers, meatballs, and in any recipe...

Ground Pork

The pork equivalent of ground beef, our ground pork in 1 lb. packages is perfect for making your own sausages,...

Half Share Sampler

The "Farmer's Choice". A half share bag of just picked, farm fresh vegetables, sourced from local farms....

Ham Hocks

Ham hocks are great in the crock pot with sauerkraut! They also add distinctive flavoring to soups. They are the...

Hand Knit Hat

Hand knit hats made with our Shetland wool. Very soft, stylish and warm

Hickory Smoked Ham

Nitrate/Nitrite Free Clatter Ridge Farm hams smoked with hickory wood, by Mountain Products Smokehouse

High Lawn Blue

A natural rind with verdant blue-green veining that evokes the lush pastures of High Lawn Farm, rolling to meet the...

High Lawn Queen

When young, the interior of this cheese has the texture of soft butter and a sharp tang. The rind has yeasty, fresh...


One pound jar of honey from E&A Apiary in Farmington

Jalapeno Salsa

Hot! Made by Red Fire Farm with their own organic produce.

Lamb's Wool Baby Hats

Custom made and locally knit hats, made with our softest lamb's wool. Our Grandson Akiva is pretty adorable -...

Leaf Lard - not rendered

The highest grade of lard. Leaf Lard has very little pork flavor, making it ideal for baking.

Machine Knit Hat

Made with our Shetland wool.


Mittens made with our Shetland wool. Very warm, soft and stylish

Mixed Heads of Lettuce

Assorted small heads of lettuce. Grown hydroponically by Wellspring Harvest, an employee owned cooperative in...

Nitrate Free Bacon

Clatter Ridge Farm Bacon smoked by Mountain Products with Hickory wood. Nitrate/Nitrite free

Organic Bald Head Mustard

With a mild spicy mustard like flavor, the root gets its name because it is shiny and smooth, like a bald head,. A...

Organic Butternut Squash

Grown by Lakeside Organics of Hadley Mass

Organic Celeriac

A variety of celery grown for it's bulbous root. May be eaten cooked or raw. Grown by Pete's Greens

Organic Cucumbers

Cucumbers grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Giardiniera

Giardiniera is a spicy pickled condiment, especially popular in Chicago. Made by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland...

Organic Green Garlic

An immature garlic and it's stem- grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague, Mass. May be substituted in recipes...

Organic Hakurei Turnips

The hakurei turnip is delicious raw - grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass

Organic Kale

Curly Green Kale grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Microgreens

A spicy mix of microgreens which includes kale, broccoli, arugula, red cabbage and mustard greens. Wonderful on...

Organic Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass

Organic Purple Daikon Radish

A mild flavored radish grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Radishes

Grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass

Organic Rainbow Chard

Swiss Chard grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Salad Mix - Red Fire Farm

Grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Spinach

Spinach grown by Red Fire Farm in Montague Mass

Organic Sriracha Sauce

Made by Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland Mass, using their own organic produce. Regular Habanero = Extra Hot...

Organic Sunchokes

Grown by Pete's Greens in Vermont

Organically Fed Eggs

Organically fed and raised (but not certified) by Micro2Life in Simsbury.

Pasto Alto

Dense but intensely creamy, Pasto Alto has broad umami notes and a clear undercurrent of roasted garlic. The savory,...

Pate de Campagne - 2.0

An all new country pate made by Russell's Creative Global Cuisine using our pork. Serve with Blackberry...

Picnic Roast

A bone in pork shoulder roast. The "picnic roast" comes from the lower part of the shoulder the "Boston...

Pork Back Fat

For Connecticut customers only. Back fat is the hard fat that is under the skin of a pig, as opposed to the soft fat...

Pork bones

Pork bones are great for making stock.

Pork Breakfast Sausage -Links

Packages of breakfast sausage, medium sized links

Pork Head

For the serious "tail to snout" chef, or for those of us who remember the movie "The Godfather", and...

Pork Jowls

Pork jowl is similar to pork belly and can be used to make bacon.

Pork Kielbasa

Fresh (not smoked) Kielbasa links

Pork Liver

Pork liver is great fried up with onions.

Pork Loin Chops

These 1 1/4" thick loin chops are great for the grill or stove in any form.

Pork Loin Roast

Delicious when brined or rubbed with spices and barbequed over indirect heat.A quality cut from the loin. Bone - in

Pork Sausage - bulk (not links)

Pork Sausage made by Litchfield Locker with Clatter Ridge Farm pork. Not in patties, or links.

Pork Sausage Links- hot

Medium sized spicy links

Pork Sausage Links- sweet

These are medium sized links.

Pork tail

Fried pig tails is a Southern delicacy, and a right of passage for anyone serious about eating (literally) "tail...

Pork Tenderloin

From the top of the rib cage, Pork Tenderloin is a prime cut of meat.

Pork Trotters

The feet of the pig. Excellent for soup and stew stock. Split and cut into 2" cubes.

Quail Eggs

Organically raised (but not certified) quail eggs. Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, quail eggs are...

Quintessa Italian Delight

Comforting and sticks to your ribs like a slow-simmered Bolognese made by an Italian grandmother. aged 6 months,...


Grown by Lakeside Organics in Hadley Mass

Sheepskin Hat

Custom made for us with our own sheepskin pelts, extremely soft and luxurious.

Shetland Wool Scarves

Handwoven scarf made with our uber soft Shetland lamb's wool. Lovingly produced through a thoughtful...

Shetland Yarn

2 ounce skeins, 150 yards. black, silver, dark grey, white

Shiitake Mushrooms - Log Grown

Log Grown Shiitakes are as different from the plastic bag cultivated ones- as field grown heirloom mushrooms are from...

Shiitake Powder

Great for adding flavor to soups, stews, or as a rub for meat and poultry. Log grown and pulverized with love....

Shiitakes - Spring Donkos

Spring Donkos are highly prized in Asian cooking. Naturally occurring in the spring and fall, when the days are warm...

Siegfried's Pride

This fragrant mélange imparts a complex, floral aroma, each piece is practically perfumed with Berkshire mountain...

Smoked Bacon - double smoked

Clatter Ridge Bacon made by Russell's Creative Cuisine. Brined with Maple syrup and double smoked with hickory...

Smoked Hocks

Clatter Ridge Farm Hocks, smoked by Noack's smoke house in Meriden, using their Nitrate/Nitrite free smoking...


Crew socks made with our Shetland wool (and with 10% nylon, to add to the elasticity). Very soft, warm and durable.

Soup Bones -lamb

Perfect for making stock, and adding flavor.

South Beach Barbecue Sauce

Russell created this sauce while on South Beach, Martha's Vineyard - long before the diet came along. Sweet and...

Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs- great for grilling,baking or smoking.


Caught off the Eastern Seaboard.

Tee Shirts

Show your local flavor with your own Clatter Ridge Farm tee shirt!

Tomatillo Salsa

Our Tomatillo Salsa is handcrafted from organic tomatillos, onions and chilies grown on our family farm in...

Tomato Puree

Made by Red Fire farm in Montague Mass, using their own organic red and pink heirloom tomatoes.

Tortillas- organic

We will only be getting tortillas once a month - but they freeze and reheat nicely. So stock up! Made in Hadley Mass,...

Trinidad Scorpion Barbecue Reserve

Made with mango chili, citrus vodka and Trindad scorpion peppers. This sauce registers over 1 million Scoville heat...

White Daikon Radish

Organic White Daikon Radish grown by Tobacco Road Farm in Lebanon CT

Whole Chicken - frozen

Whole chickens from Baffonis Poultry Farm. -frozen

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