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Forest Raised Pork

Our pigs live outside year round. They have access to shade and shelter if they seek it. They are rotationally grazed thru the woods where they eat acorns, roots, grass, and grubs. They spend their days foraging, wallowing and sleeping. They are treated with great respect and care. All cuts of pork are frozen.

Pork Kielbasa

Fresh (not smoked) Kielbasa links

Pork Belly

Make your own bacon or cook it as "roasted pork belly" - (even the name sounds kind of sinful)

Pork Jowls

Pork jowl is similar to pork belly and can be used to make bacon.

Fresh Chorizo

Fresh pork chorizo links-not smoked, cooked or cured

Country Style Ribs

Country style ribs are perfect for the barbecue. Also known as Country Spare Ribs.

Boston Butt Roast

Bone in Boston Butt- great for Pulled Pork, braising, or slow cooking. Despite it's name the Butt Roast comes...

Picnic Roast

A bone in pork shoulder roast. The "picnic roast" comes from the lower part of the shoulder the "Boston...

Pork Loin Roast

Delicious when brined or rubbed with spices and barbequed over indirect heat. A quality cut from the loin. available...

Pork Sausage - bulk (not links)

Pork Sausage made by Plymouth Meats with Clatter Ridge Farm pork. Not in patties, or links.

Fresh Ham Steaks

Not smoked or cured. Great broiled, or in a slow cooker.

Pork Loin Chops

These 1 1/4" thick loin chops are great for the grill or stove in any form. Bone in or Boneless

Ground Pork

The pork equivalent of ground beef, our ground pork in 1 lb. packages is perfect for making your own sausages,...

Smoked Hocks

Clatter Ridge Farm Hocks, smoked by Mountain Products Smokehouse, using their Nitrate/Nitrite free smoking process....

Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs- great for grilling,baking or smoking.

Bratwurst Sausage

Bratwurst sausage links- fresh, not smoked or cooked

Pork Breakfast Sausage -Links

Packages of breakfast sausage, medium sized links

Double Smoked Ham

Smoked with Hickory and covered with a brown sugar glaze. Bone in.By Russell's Creative Cuisine using Clatter...

Hickory Smoked Ham

Nitrate/Nitrite Free Clatter Ridge Farm hams smoked with hickory wood, by Mountain Products Smokehouse

Smoked Bacon

Clatter Ridge Farm Bacon smoked by Mountain Products with Hickory wood.

Pork Tenderloin

From the top of the rib cage, Pork Tenderloin is a prime cut of meat.

Blade Steak

Pork Blade Steak. Like the chuck steak or the flat iron steak, it has great flavor, but don't overcook it.

Pig Roast - do it yourself!

10 pound pork shoulder roast (serves 10 people) Charcoal 3 day rental includes; Delivery, "Caja China",...

Ham Hocks

Ham hocks are great in the crock pot with sauerkraut! They also add distinctive flavoring to soups. They are the...

Pork bones

Pork bones are great for making stock.

Pork Liver

Pork liver is great fried up with onions.

Leaf Lard - not rendered

The highest grade of lard. Leaf Lard has very little pork flavor, making it ideal for baking.

Pork Trotters

The feet of the pig. Excellent for soup and stew stock. Split and cut into 2" cubes.

Pork Back Fat

For Connecticut customers only. Back fat is the hard fat that is under the skin of a pig, as opposed to the soft fat...

Pork tail

Fried pig tails is a Southern delicacy, and a right of passage for anyone serious about eating (literally) "tail...

Pork Tongue

Perfect for "Tacos de Lengua"

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